Login Details

Providence uses SEQTA Engage to communicate and provide information for parents about their children’s academic progress, pastoral care and other important aspects of College life.

Please click here to contact the IT Help Desk for your SEQTA details.

Please include your full name and your child’s name in the email.

Logging In

To log in to SEQTA, we firstly need to navigate to the following link: https://parent.providence.wa.edu.au

If you have a mobile device, please use the icons below to download the SEQTA app to your device.

Once you have opened the link, you will be presented with the following page.

We now need to enter the login details that you have set.

If you haven’t received your details yet, please use the Login Details area above to request your details.

Once you have entered those details and logged in, you are presented with the following page.

This ends the logging in part of our SEQTA user guide.

Navigating SEQTA