The Uniform Handbook is designed to help parents, students and staff, understand and apply the Uniform Policy at Providence Christian College.

It is the desire of the College to honour and bring glory to God. We believe that we can contribute to this in our personal presentation, dress and behaviour. Students wear uniforms to build unity and to identify themselves with the College. The College uniform also assists with issues of personal safety, peer group pressure, social background and even job preparation, since many workplaces require employees to abide by dress regulations.

Students are required to wear their uniform to and from the College each day, at College and to all College excursions and functions unless otherwise advised.

Students are required to wear the complete College uniform without any additions (e.g. non-uniform items, make-up and jewellery) both at College and when in public such as when travelling to and from College or in public places.

Your child’s uniform should be in good repair, clean and presentable at all times. (Black leather lace-up school shoes should also be regularly polished.)

It is expected that parents/guardians will support the College in ensuring that their child’s uniform is always complete, clean and worn correctly, with pride. This support allows us to focus on the importance of providing students with a quality education and not spending time dealing with uniform issues.

We understand that there are times when an incomplete uniform may have to be worn to College. In any such instance we require a note of explanation from the parent/guardian. Students who choose to present themselves outside of the College standard will be disciplined. In the worst case scenario students may be sent home until the matter is resolved.

To maintain the quality standards, design and colour of our College Uniform, please be aware that all items must only be purchased through the Uniform Shop.


The Uniform Shop is open every week on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8:00 am to 3:45 pm. The Uniform Shop does not open on public holidays. 

The Uniform Shop is open during the last week of each School Holidays.

You may choose to place and pay for your order via the website Your order will then be processed and receipted on the next trading day. Please note that uniforms may only be collected/issued after full payment has been received. Completed uniform orders will be sent to the student’s Form room unless you have made prior collection arrangements with the Uniform Shop.


The Uniform Shop is able to process orders using cash, cheque, EFTPOS and credit card facilities.


For a variety of reasons, the Uniform Shop no longer sells second-hand items on behalf of College families. Second hand uniforms may now be bought and sold directly from parent-to-parent via the SUSTAINABLE SCHOOL SHOP link on our College website. (Second-hand textbooks are also available from this link.)


Unclaimed lost property may be used to support families in need. 

Any unsaleable uniform items (stained/damaged, etc) will be donated to an approved mission supported by members of Thornlie Church of Christ. 

Note: Please ensure you label all uniform items with your child’s first initial and FULL SURNAME so that they can be returned to your child if found.


Please find below an outline of the College Uniform requirements relating to both the uniform and appearance of our students.


The College Logo is incorporated into uniform items purchased through the Uniform Shop.


All property brought to the College should be clearly marked with the owner’s name. It is recommended to label your child’s initial and surname, or full name, on a portion of fabric not visible from the outside of their uniform. Manufacturer’s tags/labels are often removed and the identity of the item is lost. Parents are required to check their children’s clothing regularly to ensure that the labels can be clearly read and to ensure that another student’s property has not been accidentally brought home. Unidentified property is placed in the Lost Property Box which is kept in the Student Services Office. We endeavour to return labelled items to owners. Unclaimed, unlabelled uniform items will be provided to the Uniform Shop to be repurposed.


  • Hair to be of a natural colour, clean, neat, off the face and away from the eyes.
  • Hair colour is not to be changed so that it is noticeably different to natural colouring.
  • Hair to be no shorter than a number two haircut/blade.
  • Severe undercuts and razor cuts are not permitted.
  • Hair, should be no longer than collar length (bottom of the collar for Girls and Boys)
  • Hair longer than this for Girls or Boys will need to be tied back and off the face.

 Alternatively, a haircut.

  • Hair accessories should be functional for the purpose of holding the hair in place rather than ornamental. Hair accessories for Girls or Boys are to be plain and may only be royal or navy blue in colour. 
  • Facial hair is not permitted. Boys are to be clean shaven. Boys should keep sideburns short – no longer than mid-ear.

A uniform allows all students to be equal; there is no demand to keep up with the fashions or to declare allegiance with a particular social grouping. This gives students freedom to be themselves and to find themselves.

The uniform is also in itself an identity as it conveys to others in the community that they belong to Providence Christian College. Students are to wear the uniform correctly as per College Uniform Policy. Note the following – Wearing of College jumper and College Tracksuit top. The College jumper is to be worn if required in Terms 1,2,3,4. The College tracksuit top is only to be worn if required when cold, over the jumper in Terms 2&3. It must not be worn on its own at any time with the College official uniform. It is to be worn when participating in sport in Terms 2&3 and if required on sports days in Terms 1&4 and on designated excursions and events. 


Students from Kindergarten to Year 9 – Make-up is not to be worn with the College uniform (this includes nail polish). An exemption to this rule may be considered where, due to disfigurement such as severe acne, a student’s parents may request permission for their child to wear a light covering of powder or a natural-toned foundation.

Students from Year 10 to Year 12 – It is preferred that make-up is not worn with the College uniform. However in recognition of their seniority in the College, students may choose to wear a light covering of natural-toned powder or foundation and a very light application of mascara. Makeup should be worn in such a manner that it does not attract attention.

Students who repeatedly abuse this privilege will have the privilege removed for a period of time and will receive a Demerit for each incident. 

Coloured nailpolish, false or nail extensions are not permitted.


The only jewellery to be worn when in College uniform is a wrist-watch. 

Girls may wear a maximum of one stud or sleeper (gold or silver) in the lower part of the lobe in each ear.

Please note: Medic alert bracelets do not qualify as jewellery.

Jewellery will be confiscated from students who persist in breaching the rules, placed in a secure envelope and given to Parent Services. Confiscated items may be collected from Parent Services.


The College requires students in Years 4—12 to wear College bathers when involved in the College swimming programme. It is not compulsory for students in Years 1-3 to have the College bathers, therefore, a modest bather (girls) and board shorts (boys) are acceptable for these students.

Bather Requirements


College bathers must be worn by girls from Years 4 – 12. 

Bather-shorts may be purchased to wear with the standard College bather by choice.

A long-leg bather may be worn by girls from Year 7 – 12 by choice.


College long-leg racing shorts must be worn by all boys from year 4 – 12. 

A College Rash vest is available for boys and girls from Year 4 – 12. 

Students who have been selected to represent the College at Inter-School level must purchase the bather skins.

Students are required to have a towel and a fresh change of underwear for swimming lessons and carnivals. 


The College jumper may be worn under the College blazer for students in Years 10—12. 


College blazers are compulsory for students in Years 10—12. The blazer is worn in Terms 2 and 3. Students will be advised if they are required to wear their College blazer to any College formal events outside of Terms 2 and 3. 


The College tie is compulsory for students in Years 10—12 and must be worn in Terms 2 and 3. Students will be advised if they are required to wear their College tie to any College formal events outside of Terms 2 and 3. Girls who choose to wear the navy senior dress are exempt from wearing a tie. The College tie must be worn to and from College and must always be tidy. The tie must be worn covering the top button (done up) of the shirt. 


College dresses and skirts are required to be worn to the knee. For students who are currently going through a growing phase this may mean that their uniforms may need to be altered more frequently. The standard guideline is that when the student is kneeling, the skirt/dress must touch the floor at the front of the knee.


Shirts and blouses may be worn all year round; however, they must be tucked into trousers or skirts during terms 2 and 3 (winter). For extra warmth during the winter terms, students may wear a white or skin-toned singlet or thermal vest under their shirt/blouse. The singlet/thermal vest must not be visible below the shirt/blouse, past the length of the sleeve or in the neck-V.


Boys – A belt must be worn with the trousers.


The College has a “no hat, no play” policy during terms 1 & 4 for all students All students are required to have a College hat and parents/guardians are requested to ensure that their child brings it to school as required. Caps are available as an option for students from Year 10-12 Non-uniform hats and caps are not permitted. Hats should be clearly labelled and may be left in the classroom at the end of the day to ensure it is at school with your child each day. Hats should only be worn outside.


College scarves and beanies may be worn during terms 2 and 3 only. Beanies should only be worn outside and not in the classroom.

Navy or Royal blue gloves may be worn during term 2 and 3 only. Gloves should only be worn outside.


Students are required to wear their College sport polo shirt for all sporting activities and when otherwise requested to do so. Students in years Kindy to 6 wear a College red sport polo shirt while students in Year 7-12 wear a College navy and light blue sport polo shirt. Students are identified in their Houses by the colours on their collar.


Sports shoes should be low-cut, light weight, predominantly white and have non-marking soles. Low-cut sport shoes allow flexibility at the ankle and reduce the chance of knee injury. To check if the sports shoe is low-cut, the ankle bone should be able to be seen.

Shoes without a built-in arch or skate shoes and volleys are not acceptable. Basketball shoes may only be used when playing basketball.


Primary School Students may wear the Primary School tracksuit as a part of their uniform throughout the year. Excursion uniforms will be based on the activity and weather at the time.

During Term 2 and 3 the navy blue v-neck undershirt may be worn under the College House polo shirt. (Available at the uniform shop, Primary only)

Secondary School students (Years 7-12) must wear the College Tracksuit, in its entirety (jacket and pants), in Terms 2&3 and on their designated sport day or when otherwise advised to do so. The Sports uniform is to be worn underneath the Tracksuit and the tracksuit is to be removed when participating in sports lessons or activity.

Different sizes of tracksuit jackets and pants may be purchased as they are sold separately. College sport shorts are to be worn under their track pants. 

In Years 1-9 the tracksuit jacket may be worn OVER the school jumper during the winter terms for extra warmth. No other outer garments are allowed.


Free Dress Day 

“Free Dress Days” are held at the end of each term or other designated days. A two dollar donation is paid for the privilege and this money goes to one of the College Mission Projects. Students are permitted to wear “Free Dress” on the designated day. Students must adhere to the rules for free dress. The rules for “Free Dress Day” are displayed in the Form and other class rooms. Students choosing not to adhere to the rules will be required to be picked up by the parent and taken home to change into their College uniform which will then be worn for the rest of the day. The student may then not be allowed to participate in future Free Dress Days. This will be at the discretion of the Head of School. 

Free Dress Day Dress Code:
Girls No midriff tops.
No bare shoulders or tank tops.
Skirts & shorts the same length as College Sport shorts.

Boys No singlet tops – shirts must have sleeves.

Footwear must be worn/brought to electives.

Motifs on clothing to be in line with the College Ethos.

Students who do not pay for the privilege of wearing free dress and are not in College uniform, will be considered out of the uniform and normal infringements will apply.

Students who do not wish to participate in the Free Dress Day must wear the College uniform to school.


No non-uniform items may be worn with the College uniform.

A non uniform article will be confiscated and placed in the care of the College. If possible a replacement item may be issued at the discretion of the teacher eg. A rubber band to replace a confiscated hair accessory. Nail varnish and make-up remover are available at Student Services. If a student chooses to wear the uniform incorrectly, consultation with the parents/guardians and or exclusion from school may become necessary. ALL UNIFORM ARTICLES MUST BE LABELLED WITH THE STUDENT NAME as per the Uniform Policy.


Year 12 students are permitted to wear their “Leaver’s Jacket” in Terms 3 & 4 instead of their blazer or tracksuit jacket. Other groups within the College have their own approved uniforms identifying their purpose/role that they will fulfil for or on behalf of the College including;-

  • the College Sound Team
  • Specialist sporting teams (Basketball, Football, Netball and Cheerleading teams with College provided uniform items)
  • Missions/outreach teams
  • Students going on educational tours (Sydney Canberra/ Malaysia etc)
  • Any other authorised College uniform approved by the leadership to be worn exclusively for an event or to fulfil a specific role.

If a student has a medical condition, which will affect their ability to wear a uniform item, a doctor’s certificate stating their condition is required to be presented to the College. 

The need for any other exceptions should be discussed with the Principal and Head of School.