This policy applies to all current and future students of Providence Christian College (the College). 

Enrolment process

  • Application and initial information collection

Application for enrolment may be made in person or online via our website.

Section 16.1 of the School Education Act lists the following information as required for enrolment: 

Student’s name, date of birth, residential address of student and parents or guardians (if the enrollee is a child), details of any long term or day-to-day care, welfare and development provisions in force at law, name of current or previous school (if applicable), country of citizenship and, if applicable, the right to reside in Australia, details of any condition requiring special steps to be taken for the benefit or protection of the child or others in the school, and the child’s immunisation status in accordance with the Public Health Act 2016 section 141B

In terms of Section 16.2 of the School Education Act, the Principal is able to request documentary evidence of above, and requesting information and/or updates to medical information for a student would be a normal part of the College’s duty of care regime.

The College will also collect previous reports, including NAPLAN results where applicable, necessary identification documents, and applicable court orders.

  • Immunisation History Statement (IHS)

The College will collect the immunisation status of all new enrollees at the time of enrolment – Section 16.3 of the School Education Act requires the person making application for enrolment to provide the immunisation status of the enrollee by means of Immunisation History Statement (IHS).

With reference to Kindergarten:

  1. The School Education Act 1999 prohibits the enrolment of a child in Kindergarten if the requirements of s.141D(2) of the Public Health Act 2016 (WA) in regard to immunisation status are not satisfied. Therefore, the child must have an immunisation status of ‘up to date’, or be on an approved catch-up schedule reflected on their IHS, or satisfy other acceptable criteria (see below);
  2. Parents/guardians must provide the College with a copy of the child’s IHS and the date of the IHS must be no older than 2 months on the day that it is sighted by the College;
  3. Where required, an updated IHS is to be provided to the College no more than 8 weeks prior to commencement of attendance; 
  4. Parents/guardians must also supply the child’s Medicare number (and reference number) if they have one for recordkeeping purposes and facilitating of medical assistance; and 
  5. If the child’s IHS does not reflect an immunisation status of ‘up to date’, or that the child is on an approved catch up schedule, the child’s enrolment will not proceed, unless the child satisfies one of the other acceptable criteria in terms of Section 141D(2) of the Public Health Act 2016 (WA):

The College keeps a record of the date of sighting of the IHS and, should a student become due for further immunisation(s) during their attendance of Kindergarten, compliance with the requirement of an ‘up to date’ status will receive priority attention. 

The Public Health Act 2016 (WA) requires the College to, on request from the Chief Health Officer, report any child enrolled in the Kindergarten whose immunisation status is ‘not up to date.’ The Chief Health Officer is also able to request a school to report students in other years whose immunisation is not up to date.

  • Overseas immunisation records 

Section 2.3 of the WA Health Department’s Western Australian Immunisation Requirements (AIR) – Guidelines for persons in charge of child care services, community kindergartens and schools details requirements in relation to enrolling children who have overseas immunisation records. 

All parents/guardians of children from overseas enrolling into child care services, community kindergartens and schools are required to provide their child’s AIR Immunisation History Statement, including:

  • Children who may only be in Western Australia on a temporary basis;
  • Children who have moved to Western Australia and are permanent residents of Australia.

For these children:

  • Overseas vaccination records cannot be accepted
  • Parents/guardians are required to provide their child’s AIR Immunisation History Statement to the child care, community kindergarten or school
  • Parents/guardians need to provide any information about their child’s overseas vaccinations to a local immunisation provider; for parents/guardians located overseas, they are advised to contact the relevant Public Health Unit

The local immunisation provider can:

  1. Register the child on AIR
  2. Upload any previous vaccinations to the AIR
  3. Provide any overdue vaccinations to the child
  • Following updates to AIR, parents/guardians can then access their child’s AIR Immunisation History Statement
  • Persons in charge of child care services, community kindergartens and schools are required to take all reasonable steps to ensure that the parent/guardian of the child provides the child’s AIR Immunisation History Statement at enrolment.
  • Medical conditions

Details of any medical condition the student is known to have and any procedure to be followed if the condition requires or may require support during the school day, will be required. 

  • Students on Visas

The College will not progress the enrolment process unless it is completely satisfied that all documentation pertaining to residency and/or the student’s right to reside in Australia has been received. 

This is particularly important regarding the student’s right to reside in Australia and the schedule of fees that will be applied – the College will ascertain the relevant visa information and whether the student is eligible to attract Commonwealth and State funding before proceeding with an enrolment.

The College is not permitted to enrol International Students. Students listed as dependents on their parent’s student visa may be enrolled. However, this Visa does not attract Commonwealth and/or State Funding of fees and payment of the full International Tuition Fee by the parent/s will be required.

  • Court Orders

Should there be a court order in place for the student being enrolled this court order needs to be submitted at the time of enrolment. Any changes to these documents need to be updated with the College at the time. This is required as part of our duty of care and to ensure the safety and well being of our students and staff.

  • Learning and/or Behaviour Management Plans

As part of the enrolment process, parents are required to provide the College with any learning or behaviour management plans that the student may have at their current school. These are used to facilitate the development of educational plans.

  • Students with disabilities

Details of any disability the student is known to have will be required. It is the parent/caregiver’s obligation to provide information about the nature or existence of the student’s disability according to The WA School Education Act 1999, and any information provided will not jeopardise enrolment.

If special educational needs are identified, a further process of gathering and analysing information is undertaken which enables the Principal to discuss the program of support and reasonable adjustments that the College is able to offer with the parents/guardians. 

The investigation of a student’s educational needs will happen in consultation with parents/guardians and key stakeholders, and all meetings, investigations and conversations will be closely documented. 

  • Further information collection and Interview

The College accepts all applications for enrolment however, the acceptance of an application for enrolment by the College does not automatically suggest that there will be an offer of enrolment.

Applications for enrolment are prioritised according to certain criteria, which may include the following:

  • Siblings of current students
  • Christian Families
  • Children of alumni
  • Date order of receiving the application for enrolment

Should any further information be required this will be requested to facilitate selection for an interview. Only once all required information has been received, and it has been established as accurate and legally compliant, will an interview be scheduled.

  • Interview

When the College is satisfied that all the required documentation has been received, all necessary information has been considered and established as accurate and legally compliant, an interview will be scheduled. 

During the interview, the Principal will discuss the ethos of the College as well as any additional programme/s of support or extension, or reasonable adjustments that the College is able to offer with the parents/guardians. The Principal will discuss the Codes of Conduct as they pertain to students, staff and parents/guardians of the College. 

If necessary, any fee-related queries can be discussed during this interview as well. A scheduled visit to the uniform shop on-site will also be arranged for new families. 

  • Offer and signing Contract of Enrolment

If the College is satisfied that all parties are in agreement with the College’s Statement of Faith, Vision Statement, Core Values and Christian ethos and mutual commitment, an offer of enrolment will be extended. 

A Contract of Enrolment will come into existence on payment of the Confirmation Fee. 

Should the enrollee turn 18 while still enrolled at the College, the College will not enter into any legal contract with such student or vary the original contract terms with the student unless the student was older than 18 at enrolment and therefore also the applicant.

Kindergarten exclusion

Enrolment of children into Kindy is not considered to be finalised until a time closer to when the student will commence attendance and it has been definitively established, that the student’s immunisation status is up to date and that the student satisfies one of the other acceptable criteria for enrolment in Kindergarten.

Enrolment Register

As per the School Education Regulations 2000 a register of all students enrolled will be kept, and the following information recorded:

Student’s name, date of birth, date of enrolment, date enrolment ceased, immunisation status, as well as the student’s Medicare (and reference) number, if available.

On enrolment, a student record will be opened for the student under the School Curriculum and Standards Authority Act 19979 [s.19C] and SCSA will be informed [s.19E]. This is the Western Australian Student Number (WASN) that is allocated to a student at enrolment. 

Ceasing enrolment and student transfers

The College requires one (1) term’s written notice of the intention to cease enrolment. Such notice should be given by the enrolling applicant/s. Failure to give due notice may result in damages claimed for any financial loss/es the College may suffer as a result thereof, usually one (1) term’s fees.

The Principal can cancel student enrolment (Section 20 of the School Education Act) if the Principal is satisfied that —

  1. The enrolment was obtained by the giving of false or misleading information; or
  2. The student’s immunisation status has not been provided, or
  3. Notice has not been given to the Principal of a change in the student’s enrolment particulars, including their immunisation status; or
  4. He or she believes on reasonable grounds that the student is enrolled in another school or is no longer resident in WA; or
  5. The student is exempt under s.11 or is being home-schooled; or
  6. The Director General, as the Minister’s delegate, authorises the removal on the grounds that inquiries to establish the child’s whereabouts have not been successful [s.21].

When enrolling a student transferring from another school in Western Australia, the Principal is required to notify the previous school of the student’s enrolment at the College [School Education Regulations, reg.11] and SCSA [School Curriculum and Standards Authority Act 1997, s.19F(2)].


Under the Privacy Act 1988 (the Act) the College is required to provide applicants with certain information as to how we protect privacy and how we comply with the requirements of the Act and the 13 Australian Privacy Principles (APP’s). This information is set out in the College Privacy Policy which is available on the College website (www.providence.wa.edu.au), SEQTA, or upon request from Parent Services.

Our Privacy Policy describes –

  • Who we collect information from
  • The types of personal information collected and held by us
  • How this information is collected and held
  • The purposes for which your personal information is collected, held, used and disclosed
  • How you can gain access to your personal information and seek its correction
  • How you may complain or enquire out about our collection, handling, use or disclosure of your personal information and how that complaint or inquiry will be handled 
  • Whether we are likely to disclose your personal information to any overseas recipients.

If you have any queries with respect to our Privacy Policy’s content, please contact the College Privacy Officer at privacy@providence.wa.edu.au.