Providence Christian College will encourage and assist Provisionally Registered Teachers to attain full registration within the individual teacher’s first registration period. (3 years) 

Provisional registration is given to graduate teachers and those returning to the profession who have not yet had the opportunity to demonstrate their ability to meet professional standards.

  • Providence Christian College will support PRTs to achieve Full Registration by guiding them through the process of meeting the professional standards. This process will be initiated during the New Teacher Induction.
  • Providence Christian College will ensure that each PRT is given the opportunity to select a Mentor Teacher within 6 months of commencement of employment at the College. The Mentor will be a Registered Teacher able to engage in a professional and collegial relationship with the PRT.
  • Providence Christian College will provide PRT’s with details to access the TRB-WA website that has information available to assist PRT’s to gain Registered Teacher status during the New Staff Induction process. 
  • (Follow the links from the TRB-WA website:, select the About us tab, select Publications, select Transition to Full Registration – Guide to Evidencing the Professional Standards at the Proficient Level.)
  • Providence Christian College will encourage PRT’s to attend the AISWA Graduate to Proficient course specifically programmed to assist Early Career Teachers.