Providence Christian College accepts that focussed and needs-driven professional development programs provide optimum opportunities for professional growth, enhanced diversity, and improved student learning. 


  • To provide opportunity for staff to develop and grow in their understanding of faith-based education in a Christian environment.
  • To provide opportunity for all staff, both teaching and non-teaching, to develop and improve their professional skills and/or qualifications.
  • To provide opportunities for teachers to further develop their awareness, knowledge and skills in current teaching and learning practices.
  • To develop teachers with enhanced skills that in turn will improve student learning.
  • To provide opportunities for all non-teaching staff to further develop their awareness, knowledge and skills in current educational and support practices.


New Staff Induction:

All new staff to the College will undergo a thorough Induction Process. The aim of this process is to ensure that new staff are equipped to be effective in their roles as soon as possible. This process will begin prior to engagement wherever possible and will be ongoing during the new staff-member’s first months of employment.

Professional Development:

Ongoing, needs-driven professional development is an obligation of all professionals. Each individual’s professional development is a shared responsibility between the College and the staff member. All professional development will be conducted within the overarching goals and vision of the College. Professional development will be coordinated by the respective Assistant Principals in the Secondary and Primary Schools and by the Business Manager in the Administration. The Principal will coordinate the professional development of the Leadership Team.

Staff will be informed of professional development opportunities relating to their areas of development.

An annual budget will be allocated to professional development and implementation of the budget will allow, over time, for equity of resources amongst staff.

Staff are, in part, responsible for their own professional development and are encouraged to seek applicable professional development opportunities for themselves. 

Staff attending professional development will be required to report briefly to other appropriate staff members on the course they have attended.

Staff are responsible for ensuring that their professional development hours are logged on the College register in order to provide the Teacher Registration Board TRBWA with evidence for re-registration. 

Provisional Registration to Full Registration:

See Provisional Registration to Full Registration Policy