Providence Christian College views each individual as a unique, God-created being.

Providence Christian College’s Core Values require every member of the community to “Love Unconditionally” and “Live in Relationship.”

As we continue to form young men and women through Christian education, each teacher in our school should take an active part in teaching the virtue of chastity. When a student or unmarried staff member has not lived according to the virtue of chastity and this results in an unwed pregnancy, the principal and staff will counsel and offer pastoral care to those involved. Counselling should include the added responsibilities of the new parents, which will arise, with the birth of the child(ren).

Providence Christian College will provide a safe, accepting environment for a student who falls pregnant. This same attitude will be reflected towards the father of a child.

Providence Christian College understands that, scripturally, sexual expression is reserved for the marriage relationship. (which God defines in Genesis 2:24 and which Jesus affirms in Matthew 19:4-6) Therefore in following Jesus, we express our sexuality through faithfulness in marriage and abstinence outside of marriage. As students are not in a marriage relationship, sexual activity is deemed to be unscriptural.



Providence Christian College will not condone pre-marital sexual activity.

Providence Christian College will nurture and support a student who falls pregnant or fathers a child, striving to help them to deal with the significant change in their circumstances from a Christian perspective within a safe, supportive environment.


Providence Christian College (Providence) will engage in honest and open discussions with the student’s parents and external agencies to ensure that the student’s education can continue in a supportive, effective manner. Therefore a student who becomes pregnant may continue her education on-campus unless her own physical, spiritual or psychological state requires at least temporary withdrawal and the beginning of a course of home study. As one major concern is for the health and safety of the pregnant student while attending College, the student will be expected to furnish a Pregnancy Status Report to the Administration as soon as the pregnancy is confirmed and then at least every six weeks thereafter. If this form is not completed or if it is not submitted within the required time frame, the principal may consult the appropriate people and then take whatever action is deemed suitable to ensure that the health and safety of the young lady involved is protected.

As part of its Duty of Care towards the student, Providence will consider the following factors when establishing the level of care required:

  • The student’s age, capabilities and emotional state – the physical and emotional assistance required will vary depending on these factors.
  • Medical condition – being pregnant may require special attention to ensure that the pregnant student is not exposed to risk of harm or injury. An Individual Health Plan (IHP) will include procedures on assisting the student with issues particular to their pregnancy eg. nausea or vomiting, fatigue, backaches, lightheadedness or fainting.
  • Assess the risk involved in any individual activity – certain activities may not be suitable for a pregnant student to do, or the activity may need to be modified.
  • Develop, in consultation with the student, parents and medical practitioners an Emergency Management Plan (EMP) and Individual Health Plan (IHP) – these plans should be in place to ensure that the College understands what needs to be done from a health care perspective each day, and the EMP covers what to do in the event of the College needing to respond immediately to an issue eg. taking student to nearest maternity hospital.
  • Develop, in consultation with the student, parents and relevant external agencies an Individual Transition Plan (ITP) to address the issues relating to transitioning out of College for the birth, maternity leave and transitioning back into the College after the birth.
  • If the College is able to provide childcare facilities or allows the young person to have the baby or child with them during certain classes, then the College needs to ensure that it complies with all regulations including insurance, health and safety, and the building code.
  • The College will provide a private space to breastfeed or express and store milk.
  • The College will allow mobile phone access throughout the day in case of emergency. 
  • The College will endeavour at all times to respect the privacy of the student concerned and will seek the permission of the student to share information with those people/agencies necessary to ensure her continued support, attendance and safety while at College. However, the College reserves the right to breach privacy where the student’s well-being/safety is at risk.
  • The Student will be permitted to modify the College uniform to suit her circumstances during the term of the pregnancy.