This policy outlines the College’s policy in relation to the issuing of medication and provision for students with known medical conditions.


The College accepts a duty of care responsibility exists in relation to students attending the College who have a diagnosed medical condition and requires that parents when enrolling their children, declare such conditions and complete a medication request form.


A register of students with medical conditions is kept by the College. Forms advising staff of the details of each student’s medical condition, medication required and emergency action to be taken if required along with a photograph of the student are accessible on the College intranet.

Students with allergies are also recorded in this manner. Staff directly involved with students with allergies are to be notified of the child’s condition by the College Registrar and where necessary training is to be organized for the staff involved with the student on managing an allergies reaction.

Parents are required to complete a Medication Advice form, which is to be signed by the prescribing practitioner.

Students taking medication during College hours, with the exception of medication that might be required urgently in an emergency situation, are to hand their medications to Student Services for safe-keeping.

All medication other than that required in an emergency is to be issued/administered by the Student Services staff.

In Kindergarten and Pre-Primary, parents are required to complete a Student Medication Consent Form. The student’s medication will be kept in the classroom and administered by the classroom teacher.

A record is kept of medication details including name of student, medication given and time of issue.

Emergency medication requirements are to be monitored by the classroom teacher. The classroom teacher, if required to administer emergency medications, will be provided with appropriate training as required.