At the beginning of the year all Secondary Students will be issued with a locker by their Form teacher.

  1. Students must not swap lockers or use a locker they have not been issued with, without the permission of their Form teacher who will inform the Deputy Principal.
  1. Students must use a College combination padlock or one approved by the Deputy Principal.
  1. Students requiring a lock to be cut will be provided with a replacement College combination padlock (available from Parent Services).
  1. Students are encouraged to inform their Form teachers of their lock combination and should not leave this in a place likely to be seen by other students.
  1. Students should be courteous to other students at the lockers and avoid congregating around the lockers so that other students, staff, parents and visitors can move freely by.
  1. Lockers are to be kept clean and free of graffiti.
  1. Students are not to affix pictures or writing to their locker other than a copy of their timetable.
  1. Food or drink is not to be stored in the locker overnight.
  1. Laptops, calculators, mobile phones and other valuables are not to be stored in lockers overnight.
  1. Students are to keep their padlocks locked at all times when not in use.
  1. Students’ bags are to be stored in their lockers throughout the day and must not be taken from class to class or left on verandas or benches. Sports equipment belonging to students must be kept in their locker and not carried with them throughout the day.
  1. Students should store books ready for the next lesson in their locker and not on the veranda or benches.
  1. Students caught tampering with another student’s locker will be disciplined.
  1. Students will be required to have their locker emptied and cleaned as part of the clearance requirements at the end of the year or if leaving. The locker will be inspected by their Form teacher.