In order to try and tighten up and formalise the current fundraising process the following guidelines are in place in relation to fundraising activities within the College:

  1. A set limit on internal fundraisers per year
  2. A process for fundraising requests to be submitted through Leadership
  3. A form to help facilitate the process.

Fundraiser Limits:

Note: Most importantly our commitments to our current designated charity must always take priority.

Note 2: ALL Fundraising is to be approved by the Leadership Team well in advance of the event

The following limits have been implemented for internal fundraising from 2013. Where possible fundraisers should be spaced out throughout the year (approx. 1 per month).

  • There will be 4 whole school free dress days with the beneficiaries to be determined by the Leadership Team and advertised by the start of Term 1 each year. Areas requesting financial support are required to complete an application by the end of the previous year.
  • 2 Major Parents of Providence fundraising events per year – one primary focussed/ one secondary focussed (ie Family Dance and Quiz Night)
  • 4 Parents of Providence Parent-Direct fundraisers per year (ie Movie Tickets)
  • Open Day – fundraising on the day should be focussed on recouping the costs of running the event. (Exemptions are available for the Hospitality Department and any forthcoming tours by authorisation of the Leadership Team – however costs associated with running the stall must be recouped first)
  • Maximum of 2 ad hoc internal fundraisers a year for special circumstances.

Other events:

The Parents of Providence are to be given the first opportunity to cater for any event (such as carnivals, performances, parent meetings, awards nights etc).

Performances/events – money raised from performances should first go towards paying for the cost of the event before any money is allocated for fundraising.

External fundraisers are unlimited but are still required to be approved by the Leadership Team (for suitability).

Staffroom fundraisers – with the re-invention of the Staff Social Committee the staff amenities fundraiser may commence again. If this occurs this fundraiser would take precedence over any other fundraisers in the staffroom. The fundraiser is used for raising funds towards staff room amenities (such as replacement cups plates and cutlery) plus raising money towards staff whole school social events. Expenditure from this fund would be at the approval of the Leadership in consultation with the Staff Social Committee.

All fundraisers are to be recorded on the fundraising calendar online (S: (Year)/Calendar)

Fundraising Process:

Initiators come up with an idea.

Things to consider: date conflicts, other fundraising activities planned around the same time, where the profit will be directed, where any potential loss will be recovered from.

Initial discussion required between the initiators and their line manager or the head of the school involved to discuss potential issues.

Initial planning to take place.

Fundraising application form submitted to Leadership Team at least 2 months prior to the event. (Leadership meet Week -1, Week 3, week 6 and Week 9 of each Term). The Fundraising application form is available on the Intranet, located under Staff Links/General Forms.

If the submission is approved final planning to take place.

The Event is to be advertised at least 2 weeks in advance.

FUNDRAISING – Procedures for Purchasing and Counting

Purchasing of items to be used in Fundraising:

  • Prior to any purchase, permission must be obtained via an Order Form from one of the Head of Schools – Helen Balding (Secondary School) or Matt Splatt (Primary School).
  • Either – use your own money and keep the receipts and hand to Accounts Officer for reimbursement. Reimbursement for small amounts may be in cash otherwise paid directly into your Bank Account. Please give your Bank BSB and Account details to the Accounts Officer.
  • Or – obtain the money from the Accounts Officer prior to purchases being made and still hand in the receipts and any change, to the Accounts Officer.
  • AT NO TIME SHOULD MONEY BE USED OUT OF THE INCOME FROM FUNDRAISING. This is an Accounting Rule and must be observed. Every member of Staff abides by this ruling. Our School is audited each year and we are responsible before God to be good stewards of the monies entrusted to us.
  • Any monies ‘fundraised’ must be given and used for the purpose for which it is raised. At no time will fundraised monies be used for any other purpose.

The Counting of Money for Funds Raised:

  • Plastic money bags may be obtained from the School Office (please give ample notice).
  • Money should be counted and checked before handing it in to the Accounts Officer.
  • A Form can be obtained from the Office for this purpose. It should contain 2 signatures.
  • When placing coins in bags it should be put in as follows:-
  • $2.00 = Bags of $50.00
  • $1.00 = Bags of $20.00
  • $0.50 = Bags of $10.00
  • $0.20 = Bags of $10.00
  • $0.10 = Bags of $10.00
  • $0.05 = Bags of $2.00
  • Notes are counted and put in bundles of 10 notes whatever denomination they happen to be.

Note: You may notice differing amounts printed on the money bags, this is due to one Company printing the bags for various Banks. Our bank, Westpac, has requested the money to be bagged as shown above.