Providence Christian College has a duty of care to provide a safe workplace for staff, students and visitors. This obligation includes the provision, regular testing and maintenance of safe electrical equipment.


To provide safe electrical equipment for the use of all staff, students and visitors.


  • Electrical equipment, including leads and cables, will be routinely tested and tagged as required by a competent trained and qualified person to the AS/NZS 3760:2001 Electrical Safety Standard.
  • All safety switches (Residual Current Devices) will be tested by an ‘A’ grade electrician.
  • All electrical equipment, including leads and cables will be tested and tagged prior to initial use, as well as after being serviced or repaired.
  • All College notebooks and staff leased notebook computers will also be tested and tagged as required by the Standard.
  • Regular testing of equipment in areas that experience regular plugging and unplugging of equipment will form part of the College’s inspection programme.
  • Staff members will treat all electrical equipment including leads and cables with care.
  • Staff members who notice damaged, worn or abused electrical equipment must ensure that the equipment is not used, and report the incident to the Occupational Health and Safety Committee immediately.
  • The College will endeavour to ensure that cables and leads are minimised, and are appropriately fixed to walls etc. to minimise flexing and potential abuse.


This policy will be reviewed by the OH&S officer as part of the College’s review cycle, or sooner should changes in the Australian Standards or other relevant information dictate