Providence Christian College operates as a ministry of the Thornlie Church of Christ, brought into existence to assist parents in fulfilling their God given responsibility to bring up their children in the ways of the Lord. The task of bringing children up to maturity is a responsibility that God has given primarily to parents (see Deuteronomy 6:4-9 and Ephesians 6:1-4). In the very complex and specialised world in which we live it is clear that very few parents would be totally equipped to give their children the sort of education that is needed to enable them to carry out their responsibilities in life. This being so, the parents then need to seek assistance from other members of the Body of Christ. God has given to the Church a teaching function and so it is entirely appropriate that the church should assist members of the ‘body’ by providing an education ‘of the Lord’ (Ephesians 6:4) that will enable the children ‘to grow up in everything into Christ’ (Ephesians 4:15.)

The College then is the Body of Christ ministering to the families of the ‘body’ to equip their children so that ‘speaking the truth in love they will in all things grow up into Christ, the Head of the Body”. (Ephesians 4:15).

The College is a community of learning that has a threefold responsibility:-

  1. Equipping, developing and training children
  2. Assisting them to grow in the knowledge and understanding of Jesus Christ.
  3. Helping them to learn to work together in co-operative service to the Lord.

We must ensure our Christian College is a ministry raised up by our Lord for these specific purposes. This being the case our presence in the College should be the result of a call from our Lord to exercise our God given gifts in the context of the ministry of the College. Anything less will reduce our presence to that of a ‘hired labourer’.

Whether or not we view the College as a ministry has a large bearing on how we view our relationship with the College, its students, their families and other staff. If we view the College as a ministry, our hearts will be inclined to that of a servant. Should we, on the other hand, view our appointment at the College merely as employment, then our hearts will incline to that of an employee.

In a Christian College relationships are of prime importance and this places additional pressure on staff since they are to see children the way Christ would have them be seen. The commitment to individual children is often demanding and not without personal cost. Our response to these pressures is to operate as a cooperative community and to be totally reliant upon Christ.

Therefore, you agree to carry out your duties in accordance with, and to actively uphold and to contribute to, the Christian practice of the College through, among other things:

  1. unequivocally holding to the Statement of Faith of the College;
  2. committing to the College Vision Statement;
  3. committing to supporting and upholding the College Core Values;
  4. conduct within and outside of the College that is consistent with the Christian witness of the College within the broader community;
  5. providing the students of the College with a positive example of Christian living and leadership;
  6. fostering an atmosphere of Christian love, care and tolerance within the College community;
  7. fostering good relations between the College and the surrounding community.
  8. having the courage to apologise and ‘make right’ when the need arises.

Faith Basis of the College

Statement of faith

  1. Staff are expected by the School to possess and maintain throughout the term of this agreement a firm personal belief consistent with the Statement of Faith of the College, together with an active commitment to and involvement with a Christian church holding a doctrinal position consistent with the Statement of Faith.
  2. Should a staff member cease to have a firm personal belief consistent with the Statement of Faith or cease to maintain an active commitment to and involvement with an appropriate Christian church the teacher shall inform the College immediately.

Lifestyle and Values

The parties acknowledge that:

  1. the College bases its teachings and beliefs on the Bible, both the Old and New Testaments, which the College regards as the inspired Word of God.
  2. all staff members of the College are required to be seen to conduct themselves in the course of, or in connection with their work, in a manner consistent with Jesus Christ’s example and in accordance with the Christian ethos of the College, thus providing a specifically Christian role model and example to all students and families associated with the College.
  3. it is an inherent, occupational requirement that all staff members of the College not act in a way that they know, or ought reasonably to know, is contrary to the Christian beliefs of the College. Nothing in their deliberate conduct shall be incompatible with the intrinsic character of their position.
  4. should a member of staff act in a manner that is contrary to the lifestyle requirements set out in this clause, the matter will be dealt with in accordance with the normal College procedures in relation to performance management.
  5. if a dispute arises in conjunction with this clause it shall be dealt with in accordance with the College Grievance Policy