Providence Christian College embraces the use of electronic devices for educational purposes.
Providence Christian College recognises that personal mobile phones are valuable when used to ensure the safety of students travelling unsupervised to and from College.

However, Providence Christian College also recognises that electronic devices can be subject to unacceptable use, particularly in regard to cyber-bullying, invasion of privacy and cheating and they can also be a source of distraction and disruption during class time.
Therefore students at Providence Christian College are not permitted to use these devices during College hours.


Primary: Students are not permitted to have mobile phones, iPods or mp3 players at the College and should not bring these items to school. *UNLESS prior arrangements have been made with the Head of Primary regarding before/after hours usage. Eg: Using public transport, after-hours sporting activities, other programs, etc.’ Primary Students, who have been approved to bring a mobile phone to school, are required to hand their phone to the Class Teacher at the beginning of the day who will keep it in their desk until the end of the day when they need it.

Secondary: The College would prefer that students do not bring mobile phones to school. However, in the event that a Secondary student does bring a mobile phone to school the following directive applies:

All Secondary students must place their mobile phones securely in their lockers before 8:40 am where they are to remain until 3:30 pm. Students may not have their mobile phones on their person or in their school bags during school hours. Students may not use their mobile phones at any time during school hours without specific permission from a teacher. Students are responsible for the security of their mobile phones in their lockers and the College takes no responsibility for any loss or damage incurred. Students contravening this rule may have their mobile phone confiscated for the day and receive a Detention. Their parents will be informed of the confiscation via SEQTA. The student may collect the mobile phone after 3:30 pm on the day of the confiscation from Parent Services.

Electronic devices that have access to 3rd party digital networks such as smartwatches with 3G/4G/5G connectivity are not permitted to be brought to school and no unauthorised electronic devices are permitted during tests or exams.

Under no circumstances, should students record or photograph anything at any time on any device without staff permission.

Disciplinary action for unacceptable behaviour

Disciplinary action will be taken in any of the following instances:

  • Any student/s caught using an electronic device to cheat in exams or assessments.
  • Any student who uses vulgar, derogatory, or obscene language while using an electronic device.
  • Students, with the aid of electronic device/s, engaging in personal attacks, harassing another person, or posting private information about another person by any means. The College takes a strong stance against bullying in any manner or form.
  • As it is also a criminal offence to menace, harass or offend another person, the College will report such actions to the Police.
  • As it is also a criminal offence to distribute intimate images or threaten to distribute intimate images, any student doing so will be reported to the Police.